God Songs Old Or New?


God Songs Old Or New?

Can the new Christian music replace the God songs of old in worship services? I believe it can. For me I love both traditional hymns and the new Christian http://psncodegeneratoronlines.com/ God songs equally. star stable cheat online I’m pretty sure that a number of worship leaders are missing out on a golden opportunity.

The first question some may ask, does modern Christian music have a place in worship? At most of the newer more modern churches it is normal fare. Unfortunately at the older churches there is a resistance to the newer Christian music. Does contemporary Christian music have a place in worship? That depends does it lift up and glorify God?

I find it hard to believe that anyone would think a song like 揑 Can Only Imagine?does not glorify God. The problem I feel stems from the resistance to change. People get stuck in tradition. They do not take a minute to realize that worship service has changed a great deal in the last 2000 years.

Regrettably this is not just a one sided issue. For the most part you will not hear the old hymns at the large modern churches. Motivated by a fear of losing the young crowd these modern churches often refrain from the old God songs. Of course the youth should be focused on, the message cannot be allowed to die off. Isn’t it possible to make both the young and old happy? I’ve got a feeling that adding some traditional God songs will not chase the younger crowd away.

I am just presenting the opinion of a parishioner that has worshiped at many churches of varying denominations. I do fear that an unnecessary divide is being created between Christians. That may limit interaction. This interaction could prove very beneficial to either side. Christians should unite through their love of God and these God songs new or old. Just use God songs new and old in worship service.

I love church especially singing in church. How about a service that features growtopia hack android 揂mazing Grace?as well as 揗y Redeemer Lives?that would be great to me. Want to increase the roles on Sunday morning? Try mixing up the hymns a bit. Bringing the new and old together in a manner that glorifies Gods name is a win win situation for everyone.

The generation gap seems to be the problem here to me. Newer music has been frowned upon by the older generation for many years. This is not just in the case of Christian songs. Which type of Christian music do you prefer? I love them both. If you are set in your ways and refuse to give these newer God songs a chance you may be cheating yourself. The Christian music that is produced these days is great. There are artists in just about every genre.


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